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In addition to making beautiful wedding cakes, we offer catering services as well. Our gourmet chefs will cook any type of food you and your guests desire. To learn more, call (208) 660-6879 or by visiting our contact page. Thanks!

About Now and Forever Cakes and Catering

When Lisa Andrews thinks of a wedding cake, she sees an opportunity to create a defining centerpiece for the bride and groom’s special day. Making cakes isn’t simply something that Lisa of Now and Forever Cakes and Catering does for a living. Her love of baking is an ongoing process of challenging herself to make a beautiful, one of a kind, confectionery piece of art that will be something you and your groom remember for years to come!

Lisa has spent the past thirteen years building a wedding cake and catering company that she can call her own. The passion for what she does comes not only from her love of baking, but more so from her desire to work with each couple personally in order to get a sense of what they picture for their big day. Lisa prides herself on being all about customization. That means nothing is ruled out. If the bride wants white cake with strawberry filling and the groom craves chocolate, Lisa can alternate flavors between layers. Whenever Lisa meets with a new bride and groom, she sits down with them to discuss not only the flavor of cake and filling that they want, but also to get an idea of what they see for their cake. Perhaps they want something simple and floral. Or maybe something structured and elegant with a smooth fondant frosting will go better with what they have envisioned. Whether the bride has brought photos of what she wants or simply has an idea in mind, Lisa works hard to bring that vision to life. Lisa was asked to construct a cake in the shape of a castle once and even that couldn’t phase her! Lisa recognizes that a cake is supposed to be more than what the bride and groom cut up and shove lovingly in each other’s faces. The wedding cake serves as a centerpiece and focal point of a wedding. Often, it can be the piece that defines the feel that the bride and groom wish to capture for their wedding day.

With her years of experience, Lisa has done it all: simple cakes, extravagant ones, classic white-on-white, as well as modern square. She knows from experience that having a professional handle the cake and catering on your wedding day is very important. It saves the happy couple from family members with the best of intentions producing a sub-par product that leaves the bride feeling even more stressed out than she already was. Having Lisa help with your cake and catering allows your family members to relax and enjoy the day alongside you, rather than making it a day where they’re so busy with the task of making sure hor d'oeuvres plates are full that they completely miss the best man’s speech.

On top of everything else, Lisa’s prices are reasonable (although they will vary given the complexity of a cake’s construction). Since she has yet to meet a concept that she’s been unable to conquer, you can be sure that whatever you and your groom have in mind, she’s the perfect baker to bring it to life!